Antivirus and Antimalware for Linux/Ubuntu?

One of our home computers used XP. As we already have a relatively new laptop and a relatively new tablet we had no intention of upgrading it, so I switched it to Linux ubuntu.

Could anyone advise me:

  1. Whether I can get Avast for Lubuntu?
  2. Where I can find an antimalware, it seems MBAM don’t do a Linux version?
  3. How I can find out whether I am a running a firewall please?

Antivirus and antimalware are « useless » for Linux:

  • Majority of the malware is devoloped for Windows.
  • Linux use a system of privileges (basic user cant install a program and malware need have root access to work)
  • Ubuntu use repositories to install new program. Repositories are controled by Community.

So, if you use normal installation, from an official source, you don’t need any protection.
The bigest security problem on Linux, its an user who use, « to testing », root privilege.

Ubuntu use UFW for default firewall. It s automaticly installed and configured.

PS: Sorry for my english and welcome on Linux :wink:

As an extension to @Pyros65’s answer, antimalware on Linux are only necessary if you plan to use Windows in parallel. Because you could download a file that doesn’t do anything on Ubuntu but could be dangerous on Windows.

Also, the privileges keep your system away from a probably dangerous action because Ubuntu will always ask you your password for any action that need root access (For instance when you updat your system).

For a basic usage, Ubuntu almost doesn’t need anything but the firewall On and updates. You can check the firewall status by typing in your terminal: sudo ufw status

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