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How do you upload pictures from your PC to your Instagram?


I developed a Chrome Extension in my spare time.

I felt terrible using Instagram on my computer so I decided to do that.

In fact, this plug-in is for my own use, of course, now finished, it can serve more people.

It named Instagram Enhancement Suite , I hope you will like it.

Here are the features:1

The first feature is publishing pics on PC, this feature was developed to meet the need to publish the HD original image on the computer. Because I own a private photography studio.


The download function is definitely needed, which is very convenient.I added a batch download.

You can do some settings on the download page.

Then, I think the PC version of the browsing experience really needs to improve.

So you can see the picture above, the front page has been changed to two columns, and a lot of functions have been added, such as viewing large images, downloading, etc.

Finally, go to Chrome’s store if you need to. It would be nice if you could give me a 5-star review lmao.

Here is the link: